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How starch is made from cassava ?

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Brand: DOING
Capacity: different capacity according to requirements
Function: to process cassava into starch
Material: stainless steel
Price: 10000.00USD/set
Min.Order: 1 set
Supply 100 set
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-03-01 10:12
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Company Detail
Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Company is a professional manufacturer of cassava starch processing machine. It has a long history of production and the how starch is made from cassava is constantly updated. It can process fresh cassava 3tons to 30 tons per hour and the starch production is 1 ton to 6 tons per hour.

Cassava starch processing machine

How starch is made from cassava machine produced by the company has different configurations according to the selection of the flow parts and the support, the size of the output, and the quality of the starch. DOING cassava starch processing machine has the characteristics of a novel structure, convenient operation, stable operation, continuous work, fast adjustment, high efficiency and energy saving.

Different from the traditional cassava starch processing method, how starch is made from cassava by DOING machinery will have good quality starch production. Here is the brief introduction of the how starch is made from cassava
First, there is a cleaning step for removing of sand, stone, soil, skin, and other attached impurities.
For how starch is made from cassava, grating is the most important step whose main function is to break cassava to release as much as starch as possible.
Next is the separation step which plays a certain role in the starch yield. It mainly relies on the centrifugal force to complete the screening, slurry and slag separation, to achieve the purpose of extracting starch.
Then is the refining. It mainly remove small amount of insoluble protein and soluble protein and other impurities.
The next is dewatering. To press water out of starch slurry in how starch is made from cassava thus get wet starch with 38% moisture content.
And there is usually a short retention time during starch drying step to prevent particle accumulation and emission.
After drying, the products will be transported by air to warehouse for weighing & packing.

Cassava starch processing plant project

DOING rasper is a cassava starch processing machine introduced international advanced technology, it has the features of:
①. The uniqueness of the device is mainly reflected in its high crushing efficiency. DOING rasper has a starch extraction rate more than 94%, ensuring the starch extraction in how starch is made from cassava is extracted to the greatest extent.
②. Unique rotary drum groove structure design, easy to tighten the saw blade components.
③. Designed with two-way file and combined file, with interchangeability and long service life.
④. By adopting the unique quick clamping device of the screen, this rasper is easy to remove the screen


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