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China professional potato starch manufacturing process

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Brand: DOING
Name: potato starch manufacturing process
Capacity: different capacity according to demands
Model: Dy049
Price: 10000.00USD/set
Min.Order: 1 set
Supply 100 set
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-01-28 15:54
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The entire potato starch manufacturing process can be divided into the following section:
Raw material cleaning and washing-grinding for extraction of potato starch-screening and desanding of potato starch-concentration and purification of potato starch-potato starch dehydration-potato starch drying and packing

potato starch production line

1. Cleaning and washing unit
The machine used for potato cleaning and washing process includes the dry sieve and rotary washing machine. These machines carry out multi-stage cleaning of raw materials (potatoes), fully remove the skin sediment and improve the purity of raw materials in potato starch manufacturing process. These machine features with continuous work without burden, multiple cleaning processes have high cleanliness and low energy consumption.

2. Grinding unit
The rasper is used to crush the fresh potato for potato starch manufacturing process. Rasper is used for this purpose. DOING rasper is designed and manufactured on the basis of international advanced technology. The breaking rate can reach up to 95%. The grinded starch features with moderate granules, high quality and high yield.

3. Potato starch screening unit
The original starch slurry after being crushing need to be screened to separate the starch milk from the fiber in potato starch manufacturing process. At the same time, the fiber needs to recovery of starch by detergent. The purpose of separating is achieved by centrifuge sieve. At present, it is generally adopts multi-stage screening or counterflow washing method for principle of isolation of starch from potato.

Cassava starch separating machine

4. Desanding unit
After the separating section, the starch slurry still contains sand which need to be removed by desander machine in potato starch manufacturing process. The function of desander in potato starch production plant is to fully remove the fine impurities in starch so as to ensure the taste and quality of starch.

5. Starch slurry concentration and purification unit
The main machine of this section in potato starch manufacturing process is starch cyclone station. The main function of this machine is high efficiency concentration and purification, separation of non-starch substances, improve the quality of starch whiteness. And the main features of this machine is easy operation, convenient maintenance and long service life.

6. Starch dehydration unit
The refined and concentrated starch slurry is dehydrated by vacuum filter to achieve the moisture content required for drying (38%-40%) in potato starch manufacturing process. Vacuum filter can achieve automatic and continuous working for the whole dehydration process of extraction of starch from potato procedure.

Cassava starch dewatering machine

7. Starch drying and packing unit
The wet material enters the drying pipe of flash dryer from the feeding machine. In potato starch manufacturing process, flash dryer takes use of high speed airflow to dry the wet starch to meet the required standard.

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